Excerpt: Remorse

Dread crushed and crippled the elderly woman. The eyes piercing into her hadn’t changed over the decades; still sinister, controlling and ominous. Her nephew’s eyes held something far more frightening that she could not quite place. He smiled as he accused her of throwing him off of her trail intentionally. The words coming out of his mouth were meaningless because she knew the outcome of the situation. The phone dug into her back deeper when he stepped forward into the phone booth. She reached back and gripped the cold steel of the phone book container.

The metallic cord of the payphone was cold as it slid up her fingertips. She gripped the plastic phone, then cringed at the obvious sound of the dial tone. The dark snicker erupting from her nephew sent a chill down her spine. White hot fear coursed through her veins as he undid his belt buckle. Her fingernails bit into the palm of her hands when she swung the phone hard in the direction of his head. He caught her wrist, squeezed tightly and forced her to drop the makeshift weapon.

His eyes were filled with amusement. “Oh Aunt Gem. Did you really think that would work?”

Gem stared up in silent response.

He placed an arm against the back of the phone booth, then continued the task of removing his belt with his free hand. It made a soft, grating sound as it was pulled through the cotton loops of his dress pants. He snaked an arm around her neck, warm thick leather encased around her neck with a strange tenderness and the scent flooded her senses.

“You could have left well alone and lived.” He stroked her cheek with a cold hand.

Gem shrank away only to feel the belt’s clench tighter. The pressure increased and tingled around the secure hold. A pleasant dizziness settled in, moved up her neck and to her head. It built at her temples, blood cells sparked and gathered by her lips. Bones in her neck popped, though it was virtually painless combined with the tingling sensation sweeping and took over her senses. Gem struggled for air. The forced of the belt reached a fever pitch as she clawed at his chest in vain. She stared deep into his eyes, forgetting the little boy she’d once loved, but had felt the wickedness of even in childhood.

She realized precisely what his eyes held upon taking her last breath; remorse.


– – –

Note, this isn’t something I’ve really cleaned up. Sort of a random drabble I’d written back in December + not being used to anything in particular. I’ll write drabbles when I need to break my block.


Publication: Dead Souls

tumblr_mxoewb7M8I1r13x8qo2_250Dead Souls has finally found a home. I was startled + even forgot about submitting it. Turns out it’s something that might wind up doing me a lot of good, but I nearly backed out of it. I selfishly wanted to keep the piece to myself for my story collection as it is one of my best + polished up pieces. Instead it has found a home in The Grotesquerie Anthology released through Mocha Memoirs Press. It is released very soon, as in February just in time for Women In Horror Month. It falls under my rule of thumb of the place of publication being in both ebook + print copy.


boredUh, yes. I’m indeed alive. Just having the daily struggles of life; financial + etc. Long story short? I might be an artist + author, but I’m definitely living the life of a struggling artist. It isn’t glamorous or fun either. There’s the happy moments, I suppose, like w/ close friends + family that brighten it all up.

Truly? Everyone else is more excited about Dead Souls finding a home. I blinked a few times + spent a few days even debating if I was going to sign the contract. I did wind up signing it in the long run.


(GIF Images: 30 Seconds to Mars, RoosterTeeth)



Roms, Bombs & Zoms

Ah, it is finally official for a paperback edition of Roms, Bombs & Zoms $13.26 a piece. The kindle edition is $3.99 in cost.

When hearts rot, fuses ignite. Super geek gets the girl, a righteous preacher and his undead wife, fantastical zombies, the tantric art of zubbing, mindless hive workers, and traditional flesh eating walkers, this anthology has a bit of everything. Our twisted tales pull you into the darkest of darks, where hope is lost, and sustaining life is no simple feat. Twenty-one authors congealed romance, bombs, and zombies into stories that are diverse, witty, and occasionally gut-wrenching. Travel through time to walk in alternate histories, visit magical realms, and face down pestilence that will literally rot your insides. This collection is sure to warm your cold, dead, heart. Stories by Ken MacGregor, Patrick D’Orazio, Randy Henderson, and Kriscinda Lee Everitt, among others.
(*cough* Kris Freestone, moi)

It contains my piece From Safety to Where. I’m pretty sure I’ll start working + pondering the rest of the heroine’s fate from the short story.

And it is time to escape to get something productive done…

Back On Track…

tumblr_mwee5wTyX31r9wyn6o2_250 Can I stick to one thing? Perhaps, but I’m a restless soul who gravitates to whatever I’m most inspired by. I poked at my story collection briefly for a few days + hit roadblocks. Then I suddenly became my old impulsive self again. Something happened that caused me to sit down + vent through haiku format. I felt a hell of a lot better afterward. Also, it was a very good way to clear my mind of the debris temporarily.

It’s become a decision of what skeletons I want to drag up or other things that fascinate me. Only have touched on some topics, a lot of it is very raw + things I wouldn’t generally share. Completed the cover art, began some of the interior artwork, which will be entirely in charcoal. My friend Britt is my main beta reader, even the topic of two haiku sets for the final manuscript.

Originally planned on making Just Like Honey strictly an zombie story collection to begin w/. Plans have changed there. I think I’m only doing like a third of it set for zombie theme only. Mainly it is b/c I’ve been sifting through my partially finished stories to find that half of them weren’t remotely zombie related. Some were just starter stories, but still. Thinking after I get through w/ this story collection that I will resume work on Transmission to help w/ my zombie fix.

lost girl dance 01

In other news, End of All Days is back on track. It was finished at nearly 4000 words, but it was rejected from the anthology it was intended for. I managed to change the details + locations to make it my own as a whole. Not sure of when it will be released, but I was approached w/ the offer to help start out a new branch of a publisher I’ve worked w/ in the past. I sent over my pitch for the story, received details on the project + steering ahead. It’ll have a bit more romance in it than my usual, more than likely be in the PG-13 or R rating. It’s strange having to revisit Ophelia after a few months away from her + I’m becoming reacquainted by reading what I have while editing as I go.

As if I didn’t have enough to work on, I’ve taken on working on another piece for another anthology due at the end of January 2014. It’s called Sleep When I’m Dead + a departure from my usual. Finding I push myself further + challenge myself to branch out a lot more these days. Not terribly concerned about it b/c I know if it gets rejected I can put it in my story collection.

butt asleepNose back to the grindstone. Think I’m going to further poke at Just Like HoneyEnd of All Days, Heart + Soul tonight. It’s going pretty well. I’m unable to really stick to one b/c once I get blocked I move onto another one to clear the prior block. Unfortunately, sitting here is causing me to have the same issue Sophia has.



Cy Twombly background. Really need to get some new writing quotes to shift around though.

(CREDITS: Married w/ Children, Lost Girl, Golden Girls)

Sirens by Kris Freestone



The humans above felt fear when passing by the rocks on the edge of the beach. Arctica watched the others rise to the surface to sing their song and draw in humans. She saw the bodies pulled down through salt water drenched in dark blood and the hunters devour them with sharp teeth.

Arctica had only tasted human meat once in her life, but settled for the less violently caught fish in the sea. The blood from the other creatures in the sea made eating a meal less of a chore. Human blood in her mouth had touched a strange and savage part within Arctica. She temporarily joined the other human hunters in the siren’s call, then backed out when a man caved into the group seduction when she caught a reflection of herself in the water. The irises of her eyes were red and sharp teeth appeared to be more fierce than ever. She stared at the incoming victim, glanced at the other mermaids, then pushed herself off the damp rock.

Blood dyed the water above as the rain made small dents in the surface. It was then Arctica vowed to stick to more humane ways. The life of a siren was not for her.

– – – 

Flash fiction piece written off the cuff during Meet Your Evil Girlfriend event.

Feed the Zombies: An all you can read feast


Why wait until Turkey day? For one day, Wednesday, November 27th, you will be able to gorge yourself on zombie ebooks by your favorite authors for only .99 each. Join us for this fun filled event where you will be able to stop in and ask authors anything you can think of.

First Activation – D. A. Wearmouth
Autumn: The Human Condition – David Moody
Last Bastion of the Living – Rhiannon Frater
The Infection – Craig DiLouie
Domain of the Dead- Iain McKinnon
Downfall and Betrayal – Michael S Gardner
The Forgotten – Jackie Druga
Six Feet From Hell: Crisis – Joseph A. Coley
Game of Straws Origins – SB Knight
Beyond the Barriers – Tim W. Long
Fish to Die For (666 Fish) – Keith Milstead
The Undead Situation – Eloise J. Knapp
Roms, Bombs & Zoms – Katie Cord (Evil Girlfriend Media)
Epic Apocalypse – Apocalyptic Box Set ($1.99) James Cook, John O’Brien, Joe McKinney, Armand Rosamilia, Heath Stallcup, Shawn Chesser, and Mark Tufo.

– – – –

I will be joining in the question + answer segment for Evil Girlfriend Media. Kind of excited for this as I love a few of these authors. This will be the second question + answer I will be participating in. I did one last week. It was kind of fun to answer questions, give feedback to others.

It surprised me to hear someone pin point my contribution to Roms, Bombs & Zoms as the piece that kept them wondering. I’m contemplating continuing Ava’s journey. Feel quite flattered.

A better entry to follow.

Announcement on my main piece.


tumblr_m35koeCKMX1r2o04io2_250It’s been almost a week since I was seriously deflated. I spent a majority of the past week questioning my writing ability + ideas due to the unfortunate rejection to the Clive Barker anthology. Mainly b/c I’d thought I’d come up w/ very original ideas + concepts. This is a piece that I’d have to completely rewrite since I cannot use the mention of Nightbreed or Midian as they are of Barker’s creation. Not sure when I will get the courage up to even start reading End of All Days again or able to edit. Until a few days ago I was completely unable to write at all (minus the review on Dallas Buyers Club below).

Found out others are curious about what happens to Ava in From Safety to Where (published in Roms, Bombs & Zoms). I had been contemplating adding more of her story in Just Like Honey (story collection), this may give me the extra push. I need to start working on my character building again + stop using my writer’s block as an excuse (even though it does happen + wine hasn’t been working recently).


Still trying to find a job + becoming seriously frustrated. Two more checks to tide me over, then start to freak out some more. Thankfully I’m not the one to get next week’s rent as I caught the prior week’s. Tomorrow I need to call somewhere I got an interview at to see where they’re at. I would love love love a job at a used bookstore more than words can express.

tumblr_mvbhycuL3N1suzl23o1_250Then there’s the day of doom pending. I don’t look my age at all, but on Thursday I am another year older. I’m thinking starting Thursday I will officially title it an ‘unbirthday’ from here on out. I’m thankful though b/c have family + friends who love me, a roof over my head + fighting chance. There’s someone in my life who thinks I’m absolutely beautiful w/ my flaws + all. There’s others who don’t have such things.

Trying to look at things optimistically. It’s a little on the tough side.

I’ve been doing watercolour, oil pastels, ink + drawing lately. I don’t have a scanner, but I might post some of the images when I take them w/ my phone. On that note, I’m going to continue watching some Louis CK stand-up + continue my oil pastel piece. If I get out two job applications before I unwind after that, I’ll be pleased w/ myself.


(Images: The Golden Girls, The United States of Tara, The Golden Girls)