AT_marceline_sighGood news, everyone! There have been a lot of changes to the website + more to arrive. The main goal is to start blogging more often. And, surprise, I’m alive.

It is back to monsters again. I never thought I’d be writing in the horror genre to begin with when I was a teenager. I used to write Hanson fan fiction (yes, I said it…) + generally contemporary fiction. There was a little bit of what some call poetry, but I lovingly prefer ‘word vomit.’ In the end it chalks up to my taste in books, films and music. The darker side is so much more fun. I find myself tangling with character I’d never have bothered with in the past.

12957688_10156742968875394_6852877980755017060_oThe other major distraction in my life has been a fur ball.  Almost a year ago, I adopted this sweet little kitten at a few week old. Her name is Door Ocean, all Neil Gaiman meaning. Door is for a character in Neverwhere, Ocean is for Ocean at the End of the Lane. She is my first indoor kitten, a real big change. She’s very strange + unusual in the things she does, the runt of the litter + wouldn’t change a thing about her. On great many occasion, she tends to close my laptop screen or bat at me from around the laptop to distract. I’ve been adjusting to having a very nosy little thing in my life. Door is spoiled rotten, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


at_nahPretty much, I’m knee-deep in my story about monsters, involving an infamous Shakespeare character, completely rewrote (completed a very detailed outline) of the same Shakespeare piece + it has lead me back to the original story that called to me. Maybe on day I’ll wind up doing the complete rewrite. It’s funny where the journey will take you, sometimes you have to hit those road bumps to keep going ahead, and it can take a long time. I’m grateful for where I am at in this story, still working at it each day when I get a chance.

Otherwise…nothing terribly exciting to report aside from doing more watercolour pieces these days. Watercolour pencils are my medium of choice.

I leave you all w/ some word vomit.



Sassafras + Cinnamon

Part of the new missions of this year is going to one restaurant per week in Dallas. It has to be somewhere neither of us have been + cannot be a chain restaurant. In life, it should be known, Cat/Sassafras is indeed my sister. We review the restaurants in our new blog.

Check it out:
Sassafras + Cinnamon

Also, later an actual update. Something good publishing wise did happen + I did sign a contract for one of my best pieces.

The Insanity Continues…

Watching > Pillow Talk (1959)
Drinking > water

Stunned to discover my writing schedule will be absolutely crammed until the end of the year. I was approached for permission to use characters I’d created w/ a co-writer years ago, as she wanted to use some of the characters in her novel for NaNoWriMo 2013. The piece we did was never fully completed either, but I agreed on the condition that I was consulted on the story. She knows me well enough to have predicted my reaction, then I said I would be willing to outline the end of the story w/ her before NaNo and additionally pick up the story in December.


This is a schedule w/o including any side projects or short stories I might have a shot at. It isn’t including the loose work I’m doing on my haiku collection whenever I’m inspired. I’ll be able to do it, though it’s all a bit daunting. I’m not quite sure what I’m doing anymore to be completely honest. Tonight I was speaking to a close friend of mine about being hopeful + that she’ll improve over time w/ her writing. She said she didn’t know, but that I am ‘a brilliant writer.’ It’s funny b/c I do not feel like what she calls me. This is the very same friend who said I’m a very brave woman for pursuing a duel career as an artist/author.

LS muffled screamThere’s times were I feel utterly insane for even trying. It’s not luck. I don’t think I’m terribly talented, but know I work hard. It’s truly a matter of knowing how to edit, slice down to the essentials w/o losing your voice in the process + it’s taken me many years to discover this art. I did not have it a few years ago either.

I sat down during my lunch break, the other day, to work on a outline of sorts for End of All Days. Really? I’m not using a lot of it. They were some loose ideas + I decided those were all irrelevant considering the limit of the short story is 5,000 words. It’s still very different to be writing short stories + not lengthy fiction, although I haven’t written anything lengthy in over a year. I did use the deadline to sit there + eliminate anything I felt was unnecessary of O’s path. The only real hint is that my main female character’s name begins w/ an O.

Instead I’ve been doing some strangely impulsive things to connect to my main female character. I had the strangest urge to go to the lake nearby my work I’d only been to on one other occasion, ignored it + then went into work the following day. I got out of work at 7:30 PM + went w/ my urge to go to the lake. I found myself oddly connecting to O in such a profound way. I took in all the scents, then the mournful sound of the train struck me heavily. It was all very inspiring.

Sometimes I think I feel like a lunatic, but several things Tori Amos said about the process of writing really resounds. Searched for a quote, but came up empty. It’s just something I’ve remembered her saying over countless interviews + many things, even live she will say certain songs didn’t want to come out. She’s always viewed the songs as stories coming to her from others, sometimes they didn’t want to talk or communicate either. I completely understand it.

My writing process is a little bit strange in ways. I’ve tried to work on a solid writing schedule, but it’s always a waste of time in the long run. It’s more that I’m inspired at random moments, the voice or story arrives quite inconveniently. I understand my characters on a bizarrely confound level I cannot describe. I fill out character surveys in their voice, sometimes I don’t get much out of them either. O has taken a while to get to open up + she’s irked me on many occasions. Still, I feel strangely connected to her.

whynotStupidly, I’m adding the haiku collection into this all to be completed by the end of September. I’m completely insane. I think I’ll start fine tuning it during my lunch breaks + such. I don’t know what else to do besides release it through CreateSpace as haiku + poetry isn’t such a huge thing these days. I just need to figure out how to connect it to Amazon. Might as well find a source to let the madness out of my head, additionally I’d like the haiku collection to be out on time to give to someone when I see them in October.

Signing off as an utterly insane author…



(IMAGES: Lilo + Stitch, True Blood)

Inventive Insanity

crazyA few nights ago, a close friend told me that I’m a very brave woman for perusing writing as a career. I hadn’t taken any of the idea of being an author very seriously until last year, but it was after years of my wanting to hide in the shadows. In the prior years, I’d published under a pen name, but never had a desire for any of it all. I do not feel like a ‘very brave woman’  at all. If anything, I feel completely insane for chasing after the concept of a duel career, yet it is the one thing I strive for. I think that recent events, the naysayers, doubters + those who take advantage of my being kindhearted make me want this more than ever.

To prove a point? No, not really. I just want to do what makes me happy, spread my wings + make something of the complete madness in my head. It’s a mess inside the dark corners of my soul, but they peak out in my writings. Something Clive Barker said a bit ago really stuck with me.

I believe in what I write – not literally in that I believe with the right incantations I could step through into the Imajica, but I believe in the philosophies that underpin my work. Obviously in the case of Weaveworld, because it was set in Liverpool, it had large autobiographical slices in it. I mean, I know all those places very well. I stayed in the hotels that are mentioned in Imajica… I’ve kept company with the same kinds of people as Gentle and Judith. Obviously, when you step into the worlds of the imagination – the Imajica and the Fugue – you become even more autobiographical, curiously because when it is all invention, it really is yourself that you are putting down in writing.

It’s amazing as to how much is autobiographical even in my horror pieces about myself or events that have happened. Now all I want to do is crawl out from underneath the rubble, obtain the psychotic dream of making a living off of what I love + stop being stepped on by others. I wrote a massively huge chunk of biographical events into From Safety to Where being featured in Roms, Bombs and Zoms. Inven

1227575682476I hate that I have very little time to do anything that I need/want to do to remain sane. The job I have is making me lose what little I have left of my mind b/c the time I do have off is necessary to spend on helping out w/ family. The treatment I receive at work has gotten worse in the past few days + I do not know how much longer I can handle it. There’s very little time to do things at home, besides all of the things I have been forced to put off. It means very little time for writing or getting into that very particular state. I know I need to set aside time to write, but it’s hard once I leave work, take the long drive home + want nothing more than to sleep. 


There’s good within all of this darkness. My story collection is officially at fingertips length. I have been given the okay on interior artwork, as well as exterior artwork. This is truly one of my main goals. The title has been changed from Dead Souls to Just Like Honey, with a goal of completion by early October to be edited by my friend Aeryn, then to pass onto the label for a go. Perhaps it will be fully accepted before my birthday in November, would please me greatly. The back + front covers have been sketched out, I am working on the font for the cover also. It is a good distraction during my lunch breaks. It keeps what little sanity I have left in tact.

Too many projects, not enough time.

Now excuse me as I get sucked up into An Affair to Remember as I have an extreme weakness for Mister Cary Grant. I must post up a copy of Shiftersing p in my hands w/ the interesting points about it 🙂