DAY 01

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
— Pablo Picasso

Beginning is always the toughest part of the journey + it’s generally difficult to simply dive in. It doesn’t matter if the lines aren’t straight or that a circle looks disproportionate. Art isn’t something that is perfect. Mistakes can lead you down an alternative route, yet reveal something unseen.

After you are equipped w/ a reliable sketchbook, it’s time to destroy the empty space. Begin w/ your favorite quote, song lyric or poem. Another option is to resume a piece you’ve abandoned in the past. Sketch around the edges, start small + ignore the little ‘mistakes.’ Draw for at least 15 minutes.

– – –

I’ve decided that I’m going to take my own interesting journey. My mother got me into another growing journey that I need to work on w/ her, but this will be my own. Lately, I have been slacking on my artwork, which is horrible since it’s been said that any gift is like a muscle + needs to keep going. Since I was 13 years old, I’ve always had a medium sized sketchbook where I jotted down my ideas, loose phrases + words, doodles, sketches, completed drawings, quotes + etc. I never have been able to keep it consistently, but there’s always time to turn over a new leaf.

A memory sticks out where I was on the road w/ my father from Salt Lake City to Johnstown, Colorado for a surprise visit. I commented to him that sometimes I felt like I spent too much money on art supplies at times, but I need them. My father began to ask if I went out very often + pointed out that I do not spend money on a therapist of sorts. He insisted it was art therapy. It wiped the guilt away.

I briefly caught up w/ an old friend last night + began to email him some of my more recent artwork. I fired off several of my snake themed pieces, said that I want to start learning oil paints + was trying to decide between the images. He selected the one I was mainly drawn to begin w/. Until last night, I wasn’t productive at all + need to be working on a project for a friend’s poetry book. Tonight I found myself adding to the snake piece of choice + finally caught a glimpse of promise in the details.

I’m hoping to see improvement in my skills as each day passes.