DAY 01

“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
— Pablo Picasso

Beginning is always the toughest part of the journey + it’s generally difficult to simply dive in. It doesn’t matter if the lines aren’t straight or that a circle looks disproportionate. Art isn’t something that is perfect. Mistakes can lead you down an alternative route, yet reveal something unseen.

After you are equipped w/ a reliable sketchbook, it’s time to destroy the empty space. Begin w/ your favorite quote, song lyric or poem. Another option is to resume a piece you’ve abandoned in the past. Sketch around the edges, start small + ignore the little ‘mistakes.’ Draw for at least 15 minutes.

– – –

I’ve decided that I’m going to take my own interesting journey. My mother got me into another growing journey that I need to work on w/ her, but this will be my own. Lately, I have been slacking on my artwork, which is horrible since it’s been said that any gift is like a muscle + needs to keep going. Since I was 13 years old, I’ve always had a medium sized sketchbook where I jotted down my ideas, loose phrases + words, doodles, sketches, completed drawings, quotes + etc. I never have been able to keep it consistently, but there’s always time to turn over a new leaf.

A memory sticks out where I was on the road w/ my father from Salt Lake City to Johnstown, Colorado for a surprise visit. I commented to him that sometimes I felt like I spent too much money on art supplies at times, but I need them. My father began to ask if I went out very often + pointed out that I do not spend money on a therapist of sorts. He insisted it was art therapy. It wiped the guilt away.

I briefly caught up w/ an old friend last night + began to email him some of my more recent artwork. I fired off several of my snake themed pieces, said that I want to start learning oil paints + was trying to decide between the images. He selected the one I was mainly drawn to begin w/. Until last night, I wasn’t productive at all + need to be working on a project for a friend’s poetry book. Tonight I found myself adding to the snake piece of choice + finally caught a glimpse of promise in the details.

I’m hoping to see improvement in my skills as each day passes.



Back On Track…

tumblr_mwee5wTyX31r9wyn6o2_250 Can I stick to one thing? Perhaps, but I’m a restless soul who gravitates to whatever I’m most inspired by. I poked at my story collection briefly for a few days + hit roadblocks. Then I suddenly became my old impulsive self again. Something happened that caused me to sit down + vent through haiku format. I felt a hell of a lot better afterward. Also, it was a very good way to clear my mind of the debris temporarily.

It’s become a decision of what skeletons I want to drag up or other things that fascinate me. Only have touched on some topics, a lot of it is very raw + things I wouldn’t generally share. Completed the cover art, began some of the interior artwork, which will be entirely in charcoal. My friend Britt is my main beta reader, even the topic of two haiku sets for the final manuscript.

Originally planned on making Just Like Honey strictly an zombie story collection to begin w/. Plans have changed there. I think I’m only doing like a third of it set for zombie theme only. Mainly it is b/c I’ve been sifting through my partially finished stories to find that half of them weren’t remotely zombie related. Some were just starter stories, but still. Thinking after I get through w/ this story collection that I will resume work on Transmission to help w/ my zombie fix.

lost girl dance 01

In other news, End of All Days is back on track. It was finished at nearly 4000 words, but it was rejected from the anthology it was intended for. I managed to change the details + locations to make it my own as a whole. Not sure of when it will be released, but I was approached w/ the offer to help start out a new branch of a publisher I’ve worked w/ in the past. I sent over my pitch for the story, received details on the project + steering ahead. It’ll have a bit more romance in it than my usual, more than likely be in the PG-13 or R rating. It’s strange having to revisit Ophelia after a few months away from her + I’m becoming reacquainted by reading what I have while editing as I go.

As if I didn’t have enough to work on, I’ve taken on working on another piece for another anthology due at the end of January 2014. It’s called Sleep When I’m Dead + a departure from my usual. Finding I push myself further + challenge myself to branch out a lot more these days. Not terribly concerned about it b/c I know if it gets rejected I can put it in my story collection.

butt asleepNose back to the grindstone. Think I’m going to further poke at Just Like HoneyEnd of All Days, Heart + Soul tonight. It’s going pretty well. I’m unable to really stick to one b/c once I get blocked I move onto another one to clear the prior block. Unfortunately, sitting here is causing me to have the same issue Sophia has.



Cy Twombly background. Really need to get some new writing quotes to shift around though.

(CREDITS: Married w/ Children, Lost Girl, Golden Girls)

a brief flicker of light amidst an ocean of darkness…

Drinking > Diet Coke
Watching > Family Guy

Officially waiting on two short stories on whether they were rejected or accepted. I sincerely hate the waiting game when it comes to this.

Roms, Bombs + Zoms was officially released on November 1, 2013. Still absolutely make the video for my excerpt. I did find this nifty little image w/ an small excerpt from my piece in print/ebook. Not sure when it is in print yet.


You can find my piece in Roms, Bombs and Zoms on amazon kindle. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the print release date.

In other news, I came up w/ an amalgamation for writing + illustration. It might take me a few months to make it more concrete though. Excited for this b/c it could get me somewhere. Resumed work on Just Like Honey, but the the ideas aren’t quite flowing there. Editing, shaping what I have are all I can do for now. Issue is that there’s already been interest from a publisher, but life has heavily gotten in the way. I am hoping that this move will have a good effect on me.

GH Lulu frustratedI am not participating in NaNoWriMo 2013 b/c of all the life changes. I just moved to Dallas, Texas + am looking for a new job.  Instead of NaNoWriMo, I have resumed work on Neverland + am turning it into a novella. I was unable to complete it as a short story b/c it left too much unsaid + unwritten.

For future notice to those who think they’ll get some followers by leaving rude comments on my entries; it won’t work b/c I have the ability to reject any comment I please. I just mostly laugh + think about what an ass they are.

Maybe some photos of my unworthy artwork I’ve been producing. Mostly sketches, watercolour + etc. Nothing I’m impressed w/.

Time to draw, then work on Neverland.


Ah, yes…I am alive in here, somewhere.

It is almost the beginning of a new month + I have met my writing goals for the year already. I’ve been sitting here, trying to figure out what my new goals are + making a tenative list.

Life has been a whirlwind, as usual. Some nice milestones + goals were made a lot sooner than I had expected. It is official I have made the first giant step of obtaining a duel career as an artist/author. I will have two pieces of flash fiction + an artwork published in Shifters. It is due for a release of June 13th, 2013. The proceeds go to the American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue Team.

Additionally, I managed to somehow sign two contracts in a month. A huge miracle in my eyes. From Saftey to Where made the anthology Roms, Bombs and Zoms. It is the very first anthology being released by Evil Girlfriend Media, thus making me what Monique (editor) calls an ambassador! A bit exciting. It was demanded that I cheer, jump up + down. It should be out sometime in November 2013.

Working on another piece that is due in two weeks also. Still only have the beginning of it + the other ideas are forming. I’m making it a goal to have the short story reach to 7-10k in length.

Anyways…time for a few winks of sleep. Will get to looking + commenting on blogs later. I’ve got to pick a few for some awards I’ve meant to write up about.

Tutorial: Pretty Candles (twenty minutes)

I think it’s been fairly obvious that I’m into all sorts of arts and crafts. Visiting my parents in Colorado at this time and my mum asked me to help her with finishing off these gorgeous candles she was working on.

– tissue paper
– ribbon border
– sheer ribbon
– flowers
– hot glue gun
– regular iron


It’s actually quite simple if you have twenty minutes to spend on a project. We used bare candles to start with and cut out some tissue paper for the middle. The edges must be slightly folded in horizontally for support. I didn’t think to take a photo of this part, sorry.  My mum found the idea of how to do this online, although she isn’t sure exactly where she got it from.

She tried a heat gun to meld the tissue paper to the candle, but that didn’t do any good. Then she tried to use a hair dryer as the site had suggested. This was also epic fail. Instead she got creative and used the iron. I do not advise this unless you have a steady hand, because I eyed what she was doing and said there’s no way I could possibly do it without hurting myself. I am an accident prone by nature.



So here’s the tissue melted onto it. Has an beautiful effect once the candle melts, but be careful not to fry it and gently use the iron! It’s an art.


Next measure around the candle for the trim for the top and the bottom of the melded tissue paper.


I used a hot glue gun on this portion with a spacing of an inch between dots of glue. Try to smooth it on without burning yourself. I fried my poor fingers and they’re still a little tender from my wiping away excess hot glue from the trim.


Next use the sheer ribbon, measure it out with at least an inch of leeway and for folding purposes.


Twist the very middle like this, secure it with a dot of glue, hold onto as the glue cools.


There’s a trick to not burning yourself here. Use the scissors to apply the rough edge of the sheer ribbon while there is hot glue under it. The other side needs to be folded over a little to make it pretty and smooth. Glue it over the rough side.



Then this is the easiest part of it all! Glue the middle flower on the center of the twist and a flower on each side of it.


Place the candles in their home….


Voila, you are done!

Just be really careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue. Usually I am very careful, but was surprised as to how many times I burnt myself and peeled glue off of myself. The tips of my fingers are very sore and tender. Not something I wish on others since picking up something not room temperature hurts.

Isn’t it pretty tho?