Kris Freestone is a native of Las Vegas with fantastical plans to take over Antarctica. She appreciates fine wine and dancing with psychotic kittens, Door + Pyewacket.

She was born on the same day as Julie Mills, Goldie Hawn and Bjork. Friends have reason to believe this maybe why she unlike most people. She is an author and artist.

Her favorite things include learning new recipes, drawing, painting, listening to music, reading, writing and wondering.

She won the 30 Seconds to Mars t-shirt contest in 2005 with her piece Echelon Coat of Arms. It was featured in the official store for a year.


Currently only into listening to a mixture of Joy Division, The Sisters of Mercy, + old blues. She can be found on

She finds it slightly disquieting to write about herself in the third person.


2 thoughts on “Authoress

    1. Oooh. I’ll have to participate in that within the next week, maybe on Wednesday if my client is napping after he comes back from work. Then I can pick others. Why thank you by the way 🙂 I need to catch up on yours also!

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