DOOL paperworkThe real challenge is to push myself. I need to be more impulsive + gutsy. I won’t get anywhere w/o following my impulses, being brave or gutsy. I keep trying to tear a page from a workaholic friend’s book + made my workload a bit heavier.

I had to write a cover letter for one of the pieces I submitted, startled when I sat down to jot down my professional publication list. It sincerely stunned me as to how much I’ve built it up in an entire year. It’s getting to that stage for me.

I submitted Dead Souls to another anthology + hopefully it makes it. I won’t be real torn up over it since I can easily place it into my story collection. Additionally proposed a few ideas for an up + coming zine. I’m kind of completely hyped up over it + hoping that it works out.

Submitted End of All Days to the Clive Barker anthology barely on time. Not sure when I’ll find out on the status of the submission. I’m strangely hopeful. I really hope it makes it into there.

So here’s my status – waiting for a word on two print submissions.


In other news; I am moving again. Trying to remind myself that I am a free spirit + can go where my heart or impulses lead me. Getting a job transfer, moving to a place w/ one of my best friends + the much needed freedom I need. There’s things here that I am not able to be around, such as greenery in a state where it is now legal + other things. I don’t know what I’m searching for, maybe one day I will return to live in Colorado, but it isn’t my time to be here. Dallas, Texas is familiar stomping grounds. Two best friends I haven’t seen face to face in years (besides on Skype) live in Dallas.

brittBeen accused of running away from things + childish for my decision, but I need to try something to be happy. There’s places in my life where I need to put up a few walls to figure myself out. Did make the agreement to visit at least every three to four months as long as my return flight was paid for. Not leaving Colorado forever, but w/o my own vehicle I don’t have the freedom to go anywhere much aside from errands or work. There’s a bus system in Dallas, while sparse here.

This is what happens when I don’t journal for ages.

On that note, I leave everyone w/ prior desktop captures I didn’t post + a recent desktop capture as I am pushing myself to write again. I lost the inspiration for art + the written word for a few months. A change of venue, location + scenery are necessary. I began drawing again for the first time in a long time too.


desktop06 desktop07


(GIFS: Days of Our Lives, Easy A, General Hospital)