Inventive Insanity

crazyA few nights ago, a close friend told me that I’m a very brave woman for perusing writing as a career. I hadn’t taken any of the idea of being an author very seriously until last year, but it was after years of my wanting to hide in the shadows. In the prior years, I’d published under a pen name, but never had a desire for any of it all. I do not feel like a ‘very brave woman’  at all. If anything, I feel completely insane for chasing after the concept of a duel career, yet it is the one thing I strive for. I think that recent events, the naysayers, doubters + those who take advantage of my being kindhearted make me want this more than ever.

To prove a point? No, not really. I just want to do what makes me happy, spread my wings + make something of the complete madness in my head. It’s a mess inside the dark corners of my soul, but they peak out in my writings. Something Clive Barker said a bit ago really stuck with me.

I believe in what I write – not literally in that I believe with the right incantations I could step through into the Imajica, but I believe in the philosophies that underpin my work. Obviously in the case of Weaveworld, because it was set in Liverpool, it had large autobiographical slices in it. I mean, I know all those places very well. I stayed in the hotels that are mentioned in Imajica… I’ve kept company with the same kinds of people as Gentle and Judith. Obviously, when you step into the worlds of the imagination – the Imajica and the Fugue – you become even more autobiographical, curiously because when it is all invention, it really is yourself that you are putting down in writing.

It’s amazing as to how much is autobiographical even in my horror pieces about myself or events that have happened. Now all I want to do is crawl out from underneath the rubble, obtain the psychotic dream of making a living off of what I love + stop being stepped on by others. I wrote a massively huge chunk of biographical events into From Safety to Where being featured in Roms, Bombs and Zoms. Inven

1227575682476I hate that I have very little time to do anything that I need/want to do to remain sane. The job I have is making me lose what little I have left of my mind b/c the time I do have off is necessary to spend on helping out w/ family. The treatment I receive at work has gotten worse in the past few days + I do not know how much longer I can handle it. There’s very little time to do things at home, besides all of the things I have been forced to put off. It means very little time for writing or getting into that very particular state. I know I need to set aside time to write, but it’s hard once I leave work, take the long drive home + want nothing more than to sleep. 


There’s good within all of this darkness. My story collection is officially at fingertips length. I have been given the okay on interior artwork, as well as exterior artwork. This is truly one of my main goals. The title has been changed from Dead Souls to Just Like Honey, with a goal of completion by early October to be edited by my friend Aeryn, then to pass onto the label for a go. Perhaps it will be fully accepted before my birthday in November, would please me greatly. The back + front covers have been sketched out, I am working on the font for the cover also. It is a good distraction during my lunch breaks. It keeps what little sanity I have left in tact.

Too many projects, not enough time.

Now excuse me as I get sucked up into An Affair to Remember as I have an extreme weakness for Mister Cary Grant. I must post up a copy of Shiftersing p in my hands w/ the interesting points about it 🙂


Gary Numan

A small project for someone close to me had me trying to fine tune + select a singular song. In the end it came down to Nine Inch Nails, but I did not wind up selecting this particular song. I do hope he’s happy w/ my selection in the long run, but this was damn close to making it as the final selection.

It needs to be known that I am very particular when it comes to song covers, especially by someone as great + amazing as the one + only Gary Numan. I had a giant obsession w/ the cover of this song for many years. It is impossible for me to grow sick of this song. For those who claim to be into any of the godfathers of ‘goth’ music that do not know of Mister Numan, you are ill-informed. I learned of the roots of it all, giggle over the misinformed + mostly want to inform.

Those unfamiliar w/ Mister Numan should be familiar w/ his most famous hit:

– – –

“Metal (Gary Numan cover)” – Nine Inch Nails

“Metal” – Gary Numan

– – –

lyrics by Gary Numan

We’re in the building where they make us grow
And I’m frightened by the liquid engineers like you
My Mallory heart is sure to fail
I could crawl around the floor just like I’m real like you

The sound of metal, I want to be you
I could learn to be a man like you
Plug me in and turn me on
Oh, everything is moving

I need my treatment, it’s tomorrow they send me
Singing, “I am an American”, do you?
Picture this if I could make the change
I’d love to pull the wires from the wall, did you?

And who are you and how can I try?
Here inside I like metal, don’t you?
All I know is no one dies
I’m still confusing love with need

Full Plate 2.0

There’s so many projects to sink my teeth into that my head is spinning. I was considering starting work on a novella, which is tentatively titled Where the Birds Always Sing, but it is officially on the back burner. Maybe I will do a short story instead for the anthology it was intended for. Possibly make WBAS into a short story or a slice of what I wanted the novella to be.

I want to also submit to the Clive Barker tribute to Cabal, but that isn’t due for at least two months. I was reminded of my story collection today by an editor + it swayed me to put WBAS to the back burner. It is partially done, but life has seriously gotten in the way. Truth is that I seriously need to buckle down + work hard on the collection. I think it was good that I got a breather on the collection, gives me some clarity + a chance to re-approach it w/ new eyes.

Additionally, there’s a lot for me to update about, as I have received my contributor’s copies of Shifters too. There’s the promotion I need to do for the upcoming release of the Roms, Bombs and Zoms for Evil Girlfriend Media in the form of a video reading. Haven’t filmed it yet as I have been extremely busy.

So, here I am, watching General Hospital (behind by three whole days) + relaxing w/ an interesting new lemonade ale. Tonight I do not plan to do much besides a small nap or not sleep at all. I work in the morning, it is also a good idea to stay awake tonight in case my healing mother needs any help at all too. My other main goal of the evening it to take a new look at Dead Souls (story collection) to get some ideas mulling, edit some of what I’ve written + more.

More details on everything later.



Earlier this month, my true debut as an artist finally happened + combined w/ my writing. This pleases me greatly as I want nothing more than to have a duel career as an artist/author. It does help that I’m swaying more towards the darker pieces when it comes to designs. It is official that I’ve broken through as an artist/author! I have a short story, flash fiction + a charcoal art on the interior. Three things in one anthology by the name of ShiftersAll of the proceeds from this anthology will benefit the American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue Team, which provides disaster response services for pets and domestic animals.

I’m waiting for my copy in paperback to arrive via snail mail, but shall share when it gets here.

Dead Souls is back in effect, but a bit more elaborately than ever. Upped the creative stakes heavily by making it my mission to have an illustration just the opposite of the page of the short story + additionally design the cover for the book. It’s a huge challenge for me, which I am willing to undertake because I know I’m completely capable of it. I don’t have too much time to devote to it, but will whenever I get the chance + when my muse inspires me. It’s been an unusual transition for me as I did not write short fiction at all about two years ago.

In other news, it was kind of cool to get featured on the official facebook page for Roms, Bombs and Zoms. I know I haven’t really mentioned it, but I am in another anthology. It will be out some time in November. It is a piece that surprised those close to me as the topic was not something I usually touched bases on – strippers.

And yes, I did indeed let my mum read it. She reads everything I tend to push forward for publishing + anything in progress if she has the time. Lately I haven’t been sharing much at all with anyone as my muse has been a fickle bitch + I’ve lacked the time. I am pushing myself again lately, applying a friend of mine’s drive to myself + need to learn from him. I need to work on my projects whenever I’m not at work, helping out at the house or reading a book. Unfortunately, I’ve unpacked a lot of my books, an endless pile I have not read too. It’s funny as I am given books by others, find some on clearance or at an extremely good price. I just add it to the pile of books.

Received a check for my piece in Roms, Bombs and Zoms already. First check besides the one that was sent via paypal for A Quick Bite of Flesh. Finding there is a lot involvement on the authors’ end when it comes to publicizing + promoting. I need to buy a webcam to even do the newly requested.

There’s a giant to do list for me – involving getting a decent headshot for myself as an author as a business savvy friend pointed out that I really need one, scanning in all my art for two opportunities + more. Then the haiku collection has increased + may be a mix of things in the long run. I’ll keep adding to it, but there’s no real concrete plans. Additionally, I made up a giant list of things needed to be done for an official website + other such things. Balancing a duel career will prove to be very interesting + challenging.

Falling silent has been blamed upon illness in the family, but nothing life threatening. Nursing said family member to health after a surgery next week will prove to take up a lot of time. Prayers + good thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Then there’s the new job I have had for nearly a month now. It’s stressful + keeps me very busy with it. Due to helping out with the recovering post-surgery, it means I will be working eight days solid without a day off. The only days off will be spent helping with the recovery process, plus watching my niece when I am not helping take care of the healing. Any time that I am not working will be helping out all that I can in all areas.

So please excuse me, the excitement of all this catching up to me will hit eventually. Being included for the first breakthrough year with the independent label, Evil Girlfriend Media, is completely amazing – just quick on the promoting + such. I need pointers + tips for striving forward from the business savvy. I think I can do this all, it is a matter of getting adjusted to it + learning.

Alas, I leave everyone with the blurbs from the official facebook page for Roms, Bombs and Zoms, which is a bit fun. Added to my biography. More to come on the release date of the anthology when I discover it + perhaps more frequent updating. It is time for one of my favorite soap operas + to try for some sleep.


– – –

Kris Freestone is a native of Las Vegas with fantastical plans to take over Antarctica. She appreciates fine wine and dancing with her penguin. She can be found with some secret plans online at

What’s better than a zombie stripper? I can’t think of much. In Roms, Bombs, and Zoms we do have a couple of stories that have zombie strippers/prostitutes too! Katie Cord’s “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and Kris Freestone’s “From Safety to Where” definitely have a sexiness about them…