Celestial Seasonings

I went to Celestial Seasonings tour again, which I really ought to write up about since it is truly amazing, but this last time was wonderful as I got to meet up w/ one of my best friends: RebeccaDarlingWrites

Moi + R




Ah, yes…I am alive in here, somewhere.

It is almost the beginning of a new month + I have met my writing goals for the year already. I’ve been sitting here, trying to figure out what my new goals are + making a tenative list.

Life has been a whirlwind, as usual. Some nice milestones + goals were made a lot sooner than I had expected. It is official I have made the first giant step of obtaining a duel career as an artist/author. I will have two pieces of flash fiction + an artwork published in Shifters. It is due for a release of June 13th, 2013. The proceeds go to the American Humane Association’s Red Star Rescue Team.

Additionally, I managed to somehow sign two contracts in a month. A huge miracle in my eyes. From Saftey to Where made the anthology Roms, Bombs and Zoms. It is the very first anthology being released by Evil Girlfriend Media, thus making me what Monique (editor) calls an ambassador! A bit exciting. It was demanded that I cheer, jump up + down. It should be out sometime in November 2013.

Working on another piece that is due in two weeks also. Still only have the beginning of it + the other ideas are forming. I’m making it a goal to have the short story reach to 7-10k in length.

Anyways…time for a few winks of sleep. Will get to looking + commenting on blogs later. I’ve got to pick a few for some awards I’ve meant to write up about.

Accepted + Rejected

Uhhh…so I got the piece rejected that I waited the longest time to hear word from. The stress was not worth it. Mostly I’m a bit annoyed by the commentary. No skin off of my nose, but it was honestly one of my best pieces ever and completely in the horror field. Uhh…I was told to try another market. Are they on glue???

Let’s just say I’m avoiding that particular label. Further proves one thing: I’m sticking to Hazardous Press as much as possible. I love them as a publisher and have a history with them. Not sure if I can go to the WHC yet or not. Depends on how fast I can get 1-2 jobs. Was asked if I was still able to go to the booth or not and what times suited my schedule the best. I said I wasn’t sure because of all th madness and finances. They’re checking into if I can sell artwork or not at the booth, which would be amazing. I’d be there to sign the anthology I am in, waiting to see if I got into the Shifters anthology for both artwork and fiction.

This also means my best piece is officially the title for story collection I’ve been slowly but surely working on for Hazardous PressThere’s one other anthology I am eyeing on another label, but I really love the subject matter as it is less of horror.

Accepted? Interestingly From Safety to Where for Roms, Bombs and Zoms Anthology. It shall be on shelves later this year. Should be excited, instead I feel underwhelmed and everything…I don’t know. It’s truly just because I’m very busy and stressed out over other things. I’ll wait for the excitement to hit me.

Moved. No boxes in the house as we got in at 10 PM on Friday night. I was beyond sore, did something to my knee while packing and continued to pull it with going on without breaks. I pushed myself hard. Additionally my left arm is bandaged again too. My youngest sister is visiting for about a week and that’s been fun already.

Days later I have more injuries. Just call me Queen Accident Prone. Beneath that sock is a spot larger than a silver dollar that is bruised very badly, then on top of that area is skin scrapped off w/ a small scab. What did I do there? Hit the bed frame under the bed while dropping stuff on my bed. Good job. My whole left side is out of commission.


Anxiety is still an issue, but going to try some other methods that have worked for my sister. Been taking a medication for a few days, lots of teas + we shall see…

Got an inspirational award. Still need to do Maddie’s too. I’ll get to it this weekend as I want to go through some blogs for nominating in return.