Words of Wisdom from Annie Potts

You could say life that life itself is a stupid tradition, but don’t analyze it.


Book Review: Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries

cover17165-mediumLife is a Bowl Full of Cherries
Written by Vanita Oelschlager
Illustrated by Robin Hegan
20 Pages

Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries show children the magic of idioms – words that separately have one meaning, but together take on something entirely different.

Children are curious about words, especially phrases that make them laugh (“Couch potato!”), sound silly (“Eat your words”) or trigger images that tickle a child’s sense of the absurd (“Pie in the sky”).

Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries uses outlandish illustrations of what the words describe literally. The reader then has to guess the “real” meaning of the phrases (which is upside down in the corner of each spread). At the end of the book, the reader is invited to learn more about these figures of speech.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Life is a Bowl Full of Cherries is a very cute and charming book of poetic idioms. I read this out loud to my sister and four-month-old niece. Although my niece was far too young to grasp the concepts of it, her eyes were glued to the funny and vivid illustrations. I even learned a few idioms I never knew about. Flipping the book over or looking upside down there was a little explanation of the idiom and contained an example sentence. I thought it was a really nice touch.

It was a sweet, funny and informative book for children who love to constantly ask questions. The length is perfect to read to a child before bed. One of the final pages of the book explains what an idiom is also. I would not mind having a copy of this in hardcover.

Bates Motel: On the Fence…

Bates Motel
Season 1
Episode 1
Rating: * * * *


I did have great hopes for this series simply from the previews. I knew walking in that it was a cast filled with people I was completely unfamiliar with, but I kept an open mind. The show is perfectly cast with the beautiful and talented Vera Farminga as Norma Bates in tow with Freddie Highmore in the role for Norman Bates. I must admit that I’d been waiting a few months for the show to debut, but felt a bit lacked. It should be kept in mind that I’m a fiend for Alfred Hitchcock and other classics.

It was a mean tease to see a Cary Grant movie playing during the opening scene because it made me hopeful about it being set in the same time period as the original. I was quickly deflated upon seeing a pair of small earbuds in Norman’s ears a little bit later. It was also a bit too unrealistic to have the group of teenage girls swooning over Norman from the get go and taking him into their convertible.


With those minor annoyances, Bates Motel still proves to be worth a try, because the show has far more good factors.

Seeing how serial killers evolved is something I’ve always enjoyed seeing. It’s like seeing the anatomy of a tragic disaster. I love seeing the darker side of things and how it comes to pass. Maybe it’s the morbid side of me, but apparently others have this deep fascination. His mother has the darkest streak with a massive control issue and uses reverse psychology to sway Norman her way.

48168513_b0017f1687The house remains the same in style and I’m really happy about it. I won’t detail much on the show to keep from giving others spoilers.

It is definitely worth at least attempt and I’m hoping the second episode keeps up the same intensity displayed in the first episode. So count me in as having not selected whether or not it will continue to be as good at the first episode. Consider me on the fence.

Tutorial: Pretty Candles (twenty minutes)

I think it’s been fairly obvious that I’m into all sorts of arts and crafts. Visiting my parents in Colorado at this time and my mum asked me to help her with finishing off these gorgeous candles she was working on.

– tissue paper
– ribbon border
– sheer ribbon
– flowers
– hot glue gun
– regular iron


It’s actually quite simple if you have twenty minutes to spend on a project. We used bare candles to start with and cut out some tissue paper for the middle. The edges must be slightly folded in horizontally for support. I didn’t think to take a photo of this part, sorry.  My mum found the idea of how to do this online, although she isn’t sure exactly where she got it from.

She tried a heat gun to meld the tissue paper to the candle, but that didn’t do any good. Then she tried to use a hair dryer as the site had suggested. This was also epic fail. Instead she got creative and used the iron. I do not advise this unless you have a steady hand, because I eyed what she was doing and said there’s no way I could possibly do it without hurting myself. I am an accident prone by nature.



So here’s the tissue melted onto it. Has an beautiful effect once the candle melts, but be careful not to fry it and gently use the iron! It’s an art.


Next measure around the candle for the trim for the top and the bottom of the melded tissue paper.


I used a hot glue gun on this portion with a spacing of an inch between dots of glue. Try to smooth it on without burning yourself. I fried my poor fingers and they’re still a little tender from my wiping away excess hot glue from the trim.


Next use the sheer ribbon, measure it out with at least an inch of leeway and for folding purposes.


Twist the very middle like this, secure it with a dot of glue, hold onto as the glue cools.


There’s a trick to not burning yourself here. Use the scissors to apply the rough edge of the sheer ribbon while there is hot glue under it. The other side needs to be folded over a little to make it pretty and smooth. Glue it over the rough side.



Then this is the easiest part of it all! Glue the middle flower on the center of the twist and a flower on each side of it.


Place the candles in their home….


Voila, you are done!

Just be really careful not to burn your fingers with the hot glue. Usually I am very careful, but was surprised as to how many times I burnt myself and peeled glue off of myself. The tips of my fingers are very sore and tender. Not something I wish on others since picking up something not room temperature hurts.

Isn’t it pretty tho?

Roots: Elvira + Vincent Price

house vincent

Vincent Price is the father of macabre with a melodiously recognizable voice and sinister laugh. I honestly couldn’t pinpoint when it was I’d first gotten into him and had to ask my mum. I was about twelve years old when I really got into Elvira reruns, the show she hosted. Apparently she had Vincent Price shown in a movie, but she wasn’t Elvira in very many things. I absolutely loved seeing him on there and it took off. I’d seen him in small things like commercials and very vividly remember his Tilex commercials were hilarious.  It also turned out he did a voice in The Great Mouse Detective. It was one of my favorite movies before I set eyes on him. If you think you don’t know or haven’t heard Mister Price before, he also did the narrative for Tim Burton’s Vincent. 

And yes, my mum let me watch Elvira as much as I wanted. So very thankful for my mum who let me grow and gravitate in my own ways.

Mirror, mirror, who’s the most drop dead gorgeous one of all?


Finding anything Vincent Price related after first discovering him made me incredibly happy. He’d been dead since 1993, a few years before I’d had the chance to become familiar with his body of work. I love his sinister laugh, the eyebrow raises, ability to make me laugh and smile. It’s kind of hard to amuse me. Over the years I’ve managed to track down almost everything movie related to Vincent. I love that he’s done so many Edgar Allan Poe related pieces too.


Vincent and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira) were actually close friends. I think that’s so wonderful beyond words. Couldn’t be more perfect. Both are responsible for my roots in humor and horror. Two very wondrous worlds.


My humor has always had a touch of darkness to it, a little warped and at times campy, although I am very picky. Mine runs more in the vein of Elvira, Vincent Price and Bruce Campbell. I can’t bring myself to watch the new Evil Dead, even though Brucey is supporting it fully (yes, I said Brucey and I still a devout fan). When I showed the original to friends, I giggled over the tree-rape bit and no one else was amused.

WARNING, DO NOT WATCH THIS CLIP FROM EVIL DEAD IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED 😉 but it certainly proves that nature is not a bitch…