so the right side of the brain is battling itself…

And the war is between Art and Writing.
Thus far, Art has her fangs sunk deeply in Writing and isn’t loosening her grip.

There’s a small lesson in it for me, but I only realize it now. My issue is my perfectionism when it comes to art. Chalk and oil pastels, other such messy supplies are teaching me to care less. Detail is an important thing, but driving something into the ground isn’t the way to go about it. I find that everything seems to flow a lot easier and it’s a challenge for me.

Still not too happy that Writing has taken a backseat.

In my defense of lack of anything later today, it is because I’ve been on a double shift over at work and a lot more sounds dreadful unless it flows out easily. There’s also a mass amount of old movies I have to watch…which sounds really nice.

The concept of curling up to an old movie with the blinds down, popcorn on the side, non-alcoholic drink, lots of pillows and drowning in blankets is positively divine.